To: Dato Sri Farid Ridzuan; Farisha Pawan Teh; Shareen; Ahmad Talib Dato
Subject: Letter 2 Chairman of Utusan

This letter is innitiated by Rose Ismail, Fatimah Abu Bakar and gang.

Tan Sri Mohamed Hashim Ahmad Makaruddin
Kumpulan Utusan

Dear Tan Sri

July 27th, 2009 marked the darkest day in Malaysian journalistichistory yet. The story in Kosmo! entitled “Takdir Yasmin” wasdespicable, vile and cruel.

Yasmin’s family was grieving and at their most vulnerable. Yet youreditor saw fit to run a story that showed utter disregard for the lateMalaysian filmmaker, her family and the many Malaysians who stillmourn her.

You ran this story on the front page, indicating how important you thought it was. The sub-headline said: “Mati sebagai wanita, diratapipeminat pelbagai kaum”. With this, you were trying to build suspense.

Finally, the front-page copy ended with “Namanya ketika itu ialah Zulkifli Ahmad”, suggesting that Yasmin had duped everyone and hadattempted to hide who she really was.

Your editor did this less than 24 hours after she was buried at a timewhen her family was still reeling from the shock of her death. Hermother is especially frail – she needed to be warded herself whenfirst told about Yasmin’s stroke.

Obviously, your editor has never encountered the loss of anyone dear,or a vicious attack on loved ones.

Yes, you carried tributes both in this story and others. But all thesefailed to mask the real intention of your paper and its editor, whichwas to defame and destroy Yasmin’s good name with salacious gossip.

If your only criterion is to sell newspapers, you achieved your goal.But if your objective is to practice ethical journalistic conduct andact with humanity, you have failed – miserably.

As working and former journalists, we understand that you need to sellpapers. However, as a media owner, you also have a responsibility topractice basic decency. How much of your personal honour are youwilling to part with in order to increase your circulation?