MCA equates to Malaysian Crisis Association aka Mati Cina Apek …

Why MCA, after 51 years of independence your own race, is treated like

second class citizen?

Why MCA, after more than 50 years of supporting the Alliance/BN, your
own race appears to have to beg to get a scholarship?

Why MCA, after more than half a century being part of the ruling
government, many of your own race do not see they have a future in

Why MCA, despite being a partner in the BN, when a man said,
‘bath the keris in Chinese blood’ MCA still wants to support that man?

Why MCA, after so many years of being treated like irrelevant,
MCA still cannot make the move to prove to your own race that MCA is
‘alive and kicking’ and still relevant?

Why MCA, despite your ancestors having been in this country hundreds
of years earlier than others, your own race are called ‘Squatters/pendatang’?

Why MCA, despite knowing that the NEP is obsolete and had benefited
only a few, MCA does not have the bravery to stand up and say, ‘If the
NEP is not dismantled, MCA will quit’?

Why MCA, you cannot work with people of your own race for the benefit
of every race in the country, but choose to work with a party which is
using race to create fear among your own race?

Why MCA, even after 51 years of independence you can be so blind, to
the extent of not being able to see where your own race is heading to?

Why MCA, you are still so obsessed to keep the status quo within the
government, despite having very few of your own race in the army,
police, petronas, GLC, TNB, govt dept, etc etc etc?

Why MCA, for how much longer are you going to hang around a government
which dares to do whatever it wants, whenever it wants and whichever
way it wants with or without you around?

Why MCA, are you going to wait until your own race becomes 5% of the
total population, before you can get your act together?

Why MCA, when the writing is so clear on the wall, you are still not able to sing

the song ‘Why_MCA’?