May 11, 2010

On 24th May, 2008, Malaysiakini reported that, speaking in Tokyo, Mahathir had warned of possible unrest in Malaysia. He is reported to have said that “extremists” among different communities had begun to voice their opposition and make unfair demands on the government, trying to “divide rather than unite.”

“Now we are seeing the different races making demands on the government, which they perceive as a weak government”, Mahathir is reported to have said.

Back then, as we all well knew, Mahathir was well into overdrive in his efforts to dethrone Pak Lah.
That finally came to pass early last year.

Last Friday, Mahathir posted the following in his blog :
“Playing race politics in Malaysia is dangerous. This country may find itself being governed by a weak Government. There will be more politicking and more racial conflicts. There will be instability and chaos. Then everyone, whatever race he may be will suffer. The choice is ours”.

This latest post by Mahathir, read fully and closely, reveals how devious and dangerous this man is.
He shows himself prepared to lie and distort the truth to achieve his own ends.

This post serves as a grim reminder of how this man ruled over us for 22 years : distorted the truth, pitted the majority ethnic Malay community against the Chinese business community, created the spectre of a state of chaos and tension, and incarcerated those who dared to stand up to him.

He speaks, in this post, of “demands by Chinese extremists questioning the provision of Malay special rights in the constitution, demanding an end to the NEP, reduction of quotas for Malay students”.

What Malay special rights in the constitution?
There are none!

No one has demanded for an end to the NEP, but for an end to its abuse, and an insistence that its spirit and intent be given effect to.

No one demands that the aid to Malay students end or be reduced, but that such aid be extended to all Malaysians in need of such aid.

Demands by Chinese extremists?
What Chinese extremists?

Mahathir should name them and shame them if they are not mere figments of his own evil imagination.

Mahathir says the choice is ours.
He has made his.

This Thursday, 13th May, the 41st anniversary of the bloody race riots of 1969, Mahathir will join Gerakan Kebangkitan Rakyat (Gertak) at a ‘Bangkit Melayu’ rally in Terengganu.

They are hoping to draw a crowd of 10,000.
Banners publicising this rally are touting Mahathir as the main draw.
And Mahathir can be expected to spew his racist, hate-inspiring, divide-and-rule lies again.

PAS, too, has made its choice and, thankfully, a sane one. As has Zaid.
Malaysiakini reports today that PAS leaders have condemned the planned rally as being “dangerous”, “insensitive” and “bordering on extremism” and have called for its cancellation.

“We are taking serious steps on this so that the public is aware and told that the organizing group are dangerous, and that the people should stay away from them”, PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub is reported to have said.

Salahuddin entertained no doubts whatsoever that UMNO is behind the rally.
“It is about time that Malaysians see the dirty work of Umno,” he is reported to have said.

Free Malaysia Today reports that Zaid Ibrahim has called upon Najib “to stop this irresponsible and dangerous action. Nothing useful will come out of such provocation other than spewing hate and threatening peace and stability”.

The voices of reason from amongst the Malay leaders in Pakatan Rakyat have spoken.

It remains to be seen if Najib is still running the country or whether, like Pak Lah, the warlords in UMNO, with Mahathir as head honcho, are calling the shots now. Mahathir is right about one thing, though.

The choice is ours.

Whether we will allow ourselves to be be bullied into silence and submission again by a lying, thieving ex-premier and his team of gangsters?

Whether we will allow this evil design to instil fear and hate in our midst to succeed?

Or whether we will find our collective strength to rid this nation of this ugly scourge once and for all?
The choice is ours.

I have made mine.

Posted by Haris Ibrahim
Filed in Bangsa Malaysia