ATM Card Fraud

Beware of con artists who are now using a new tactic to rob people at auto-teller machines (ATM) by swapping ATM cards.

Acting with accomplices, including women, they would distract and confuse their victim while the person is in the midst of a transaction. One of them would memorise the victim’s personal identification number while they were being entered at the start of the transaction.

This was reported recently by a victim who lost a few thousand RM. He said he saw three middle-eastern looking people in the bank.

He went to the second machine while the woman, who was clad in an abaya (long gown normally worn by Arab women), went to the one next. Then a very tall man stood behind him. In the midst of his transaction, the woman suddenly called out to him in a foreign language and signalled for him to pick up some bank notes on the floor.

He told her that the money was not his but she kept gesturing for him to pick up the notes. He did so after she pointed to her back, as if trying to indicate that she had back pain.

She then appeared dissatisfied and kept talking with him. The woman then left in a hurry together with the tall man behind him without taking the money. Before he could proceed with his transaction, a third man scolded him for keeping the money.

The victim then placed the money back on the floor and tried to continue with his transaction.

However, he failed. He ejected his card and inserted it again, and was again unsuccessful. On looking at the card carefully, he was surprised that the name on the card was not his.

He then realised that he had been conned. Immediately called the bank to have his account frozen but it was too late, his money was lost.