Ghost caused an accident on the road in Malaysia?
Do ghosts or spirits or spirits or demons, are also causes of accidents in Malaysia? Seek refuge from Allah, because all creatures are mentioned there is no power at all except with the permission of Allah, and Allah is Most Powerful.

The wife claimed before the accident saw a black object.

Utusan Malaysia 14 Sep 2010 Utusan Malaysia September 14, 2010

TAMPIN 13 Sept. The wife of a policeman was killed with his son in an accident in the North-South Expressway near Pedas said today that she and her husband saw a black object in the highway right of way before they boarded the car crashed into the object.

Rashidah Abdul Samad, 37, told, he also had heard her scream and say, “What is it?” Proton Waja before they boarded a truck that crashed into the family believed damaged and stopped in the hallway at highway speed.

“As soon as it hit an object, we turned the car several times,” he told reporters at the Tampin Hospital here today,

In the accident which occurred in the 237.3 kilometer highway, her husband, Corporal Rubaie Abdul Rahman, 41, and their eldest daughter, Nur Azira, 15 were killed.

Incident occurred at about 6:45 am when the family in the course of the houses in Ijok, Kuala Selangor towards Bukit Gambir Muar, Johor to attend tahlil late father Rubaie.

Telling incident, Rashidah said the family left the house at about 5:15 am to return home.

He added that once saw the object, he can not recognize the state of the dark highway.

“Some time after the accident, my husband hung withered on my shoulder while the other kids were crying for help,”

“We return home to attend tahlil 100 days after the death of the father Rubaie tonight but I do not think my husband and son will leave us,” he said in a plaintive tone.

Rashidah said, he and his two children who survived the incident removed from his wrecked car by the public before being rushed to the hospital.

According to him, smash him want to stop breathing as soon as notified by the public that her husband and eldest son died in the incident.

He said, my husband who works in the police beat Ijok did not show any changes before this, but Nur Azira diligently over the past few weeks to help in the kitchen.

A few weeks before election day, he diligently to update the house and help me make a cake to celebrate the feast of Shawwal,” he said.