‘If only you knew what we think of TBH’

‘TBH’s future was cut short and we Malaysians in general feel that we too have no future. So please don’t say this by election is bigger than TBH.’

PM: Tenang by-election bigger than THB

Enviroman: This is one insincere PM, who just knows no shame by again saying one thing but meaning another. If he and the authorities really want to know the true cause of Teoh Beng Hock’s death, it would have been known a long time ago, because being in the custody of MACC means he was in a protected area.

All it would take is for those with the power and authority like Najib Razak to question whoever who was in that protected area. This is another of one of his “zero tolerance for corruption” one day, and the next day “you help me, I help you”. How many believe Najib, I wonder. Definitely not me.

What’s this? Liar. If you also want to know what happened, why is the royal commission of inquiry’s focus only on the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) procedures and not who allegedly killed Teoh Beng Hock? Don’t think the Chinese in Tenang are stupid. They cannot be bought over. Maybe, not even those in the Felda schemes.

Cala: The way Selangor MACC treated TBH is a reflection of the value system the regime place on people, on opposition members, and on dissenting groups outside the ruling elites. The regime’s value system is part of MACC’s ideology.

The Tenang by-election is the means through which voters express their endorsements or otherwise of the regime’s policies. To many people hence, the atrocity inflicted upon TBH can well happen to anyone who is not part of the Umno-led BN coalition. If you are a voter in this by-election, would you permit their conduct?

Rolls-Royce: This is what PM said, “This (by-election) is bigger than Teoh Beng Hock, this is about the future of Malaysia, the future of all of us, the future of our next generation. Don’t gamble away our future. The opposition cannot govern this country.”

Dear PM, this is where you don’t get it. TBH is Malaysia; THB is one of us – the people of Malaysia. TBH’s future was cut short and we Malaysians in general feel that we too have no future. So please don’t say this by election is bigger than TBH. How can it be bigger than TBH when it is just another state assemblyman sitting around making up the number and collecting salary and perks?

Seriously I don’t care if another assemblyman or MP dies. We are not gambling away our future; we have no future to gamble away given our present circumstances. For a lousy RM2,400, TBH died.

SusahKes: As far as I am concerned, if there is anybody who must take the biggest blame for failing to solve the TBH case, it must be Najib. From day one, you had the chance to put things right by getting an RCI commissioned on proper and equitable terms. What did you do instead? You engaged a half-past six inquest, one which most of us suspected won’t get anywhere near to solving the case.

Just as Abdullah Ahmad Badawi failed decisively to deal with the VK Lingam issue, you maintain the same attitude on the TBH issue. The day you and Umno get serious about social justice, is the day when the moon will turn purple. Stop kidding the electorate.

Most of us have made up our mind on your ‘wayang kulit’ inclinations. And, we will continue to demand justice for TBH until it is given. Remember, there is a God in heaven.
Anwar targeted as sexy dancers jazz up pro-BN bash

P Dev Anand Pillai: Again like what happened during the Bukit Gantang election, the Chinese are treated to beer and sexy dances. Isn’t this an insult to the Chinese? Is Chinese culture only worth that much? Or can the Chinese vote be bought with mere sexy dances and alcohol? Can’t the Chinese see how Umno views them?

When DBKL can charge a Chinese young couple for holding hands and Utusan Malaysia hounds Teo Nie Ching who is only doing her job, can the Chinese still take such insults and continue to vote for BN?

Former Umno vice-president Isa Samad has forgotten that he himself was declared corrupt by his own party. Who is he trying to hoodwink? This clearly shows that BN has never learnt from their mistakes or is just too arrogant to learn from them.

The Chinese must put a stop to these insults and vote with pride instead of being continuously led by the nose with cheap sexy dances and alcohol. Now can you see why women are not taken seriously in our politics.

Malaysian1st: BN is frightened when PAS fielded a woman for Tenang. It will use all available ways and means to win this election, including using Ummi Hafilda Ali and Isa Samad. They are no longer wanted, except for things like this, as tools to discredit Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat.

Najib needs to win this badly, by hook or by crook. Reducing majority or even winning this Tenang by-election by Pakatan will have a very grave impact to BN as Johor is BN territory. With a woman candidate and an all-out effort, Pakatan may pull an upset.

TPN: Isa Samad, don’t forget that your party found you guilty from the front and you came back to politics from behind. You condemn PAS and yet, your party Umno wants PAS to join BN. What utter nonsense.

Galpasqueen: What a way for BN to start their campaign in Tenang. They presented free food, free beers, free sexy show and free lucky draws! The people of Tenang must be insulted to the maximum.

People of Tenang, are you that cheap to sell your future and your children’s future for just a meal and some cheap thrills? Worse, that meal and the cheap thrills were also paid indirectly by your own money. BN even sent their confirmed corrupt representative to tell jokes and entertain you. People of Tenang, wake up.

Ask them about the following cases when you meet these corrupted jokers during their campaign rounds: the Teoh Beng Hock case, PKFZ, the A Kugan case, Scorpene submarines, the Altantuya Shaariibuu case, the Chia Buang Hing case, the MCA sex video case, 100-storey Menara Warisan, petrol, gas, sugar, flour, food and road toll price increases, etc.

Survivor: Umno, when speaking to the Malays, will blame the Chinese and other non-Malays for taking over the country. However, when Umno speaks to the Chinese or non-Malays, they will claim that the contribution of the non-Malays are most needed and appreciated. Umno indeed is a two-faced snake. With PAS, we have an unknown angel, whereas in Umno there’s already a known devil.

Chua Soi Lek, before the opposition joined the fray in a big way, Umno did not even give scholarships to non-Malays with 9As. Now, at least we see more scholarships being offered to them: reason being, Umno is scared stiff, not of MCA/MIC/Gerakan, but because of the rakyat’s determination.

Wira: Attend the dinner. Enjoy the fine food, beer and entertainment because you lucky voters are not going to be showered with such attention and goodies again, not unless another of your elected representative kicks the bucket. Make the organisers comfortable with their ostentatiously corrupt conduct. Then vote Pakatan Rakyat for a better Malaysia.

Rayfire Isa: Isa Samad, do you have the moral standing to talk about the opposition? Take care of your own issues first. Just because you won a ‘buy election’ and now in charge of Felda doesn’t make you a leader.

And speaking of morality, is this considered halal in your perspective? Scantily-dressed ladies and free flow of beer to attract votes? When they do it during a festival, you all say not appropriate. Now that you do it to get votes, you say “it is their culture”. Pure hypocrites.

Outahere: Shucks. Free beer? How could I have missed it? Isa didn’t.