Neither a Bed of Roses nor a Primrose Path but thanks all the same for touching Rafael’s Life with Hope..

For the length of time Allah has granted till today to have him in his form and for the battle he has been through since the day he was struggling to catch his breath over his heart condition & VSD, the family is ever so grateful to His Benevolence for the gift of Muhammad Rafael Faliq. He gave us so much joy wrapped with excitement, anguish, despair and anxiety, all in a package, but nonetheless hopeful to be able to enjoy him through and through his adulthood. Allah has plans for him, Allah has bestowed us the gift of having him in his condition for a very good reason, He knows best. Muhammad Rafael Faliq was on remission since completing his Chemo Therapy after being diagnosed with Leukemia just as he recovered VSD and the heart operation in the last months before his last check up on Wed 16/3, to give us enough strength to face the realities of his ailment. Alas…it was only shortlive as the family now have to come to terms with the fact that Rafael’s condition has suddenly relapsed with concentration of 82% Leukemia Cancer Cells detected in his bone marrow. Just as we rejoiced over his overwhelming progress since remission, we have now to be prepared for his next FLAG chemo protocol, TBI (Total Body Irradiation) and pray that he gets into another state of remission for a BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant).

All the generous donations that came earlier for his ongoing treatments has since depleted and the family is now preparing to go on the next round of fund raising for the above procedure. We have to raise an initial RM20,000 to enable the search of a bone marrow donor. The FLAG protocol intensive Chemo Therapy will begin before and immediately on reaching the state of remission he will be admitted for the BMT procedure. We pray by then, he will receive a matching donor.

Life has been very challenging for both Rafael’s parents but bonding with friends, peers and family has kept them vigilant and positive over their difficult decisions. We are thankful for the experience over alternative remedies recommended and referred. It was a knowledge earned and lesson learned. Our faith has not overturned in any way but Allah has been with us in making our journey less painful and unquestionably enriching.

Please continue to give your emotional support so we can strive to lengthen Rafael’s survival for as long as Allah has written that he is to be with us. We would like to ensure that we have given him the best of treatments available and the most comfortable journey before he is ordained to be returned to his rightful Owner, AllahuAkbar !

If you have followed through his journey in the FB from the journals of his mummy, me, and the family; if you have the compassion and empathy to help him as a matter of social responsibility or mere sympathy to want to enable him and his family to breeze through this battle, you can channel your financial assistance to:


MAYBANK ACCOUNT NO. 114188063437


For what it is worth, whatever comes around, goes around, so your efforts in whatever way/manner will not be a love lost gesture. May God Bless you…