I thought slitting of hand bags only happens in the morning and night markets. Looks like ” upgraded” to shopping centres too

Today,I’ve learned that bad things can happen anywhere anytime. At 3.30pm today my mom was shopping at MNG,KLCC. Due to the on going 50% sales the shop was packed with customers, my mom being one of the excited customers didn’t notice that her brand new handbag that she just bought yesterday was slit off,and the purse stolen only untill when she wanted to pay for her things.worst is,my mom wasn’t the only victim at the scene,a Korean lady lost RM4000 cash that was in her bag,and another lady lost her iPhone.one of the lady suspected the pickpockets were a bunch of ladies acting as customers. Ladies carrying bags while shopping please be aleart of your surroundings.I hope justice could be brought apon those idiot lowlife pickpockets – Amelia Ng