Lynas: Pawning the health of the nation away?
7:02AM Jun 24, 2012

VOXPOP ‘Why is the BN government stubbornly arguing that rare earth is safe when we have witnessed Bukit Merah?’

300 kick-start anti-Lynas Occupy Balok-Gebeng rally

AnonymousA: I just dont understand and I will never get it how can the BN government be so adamant at having the Lynas plant here? How can a country have the logo Caring for the Rakyat , ie OneCareMalaysia but puts the rakyat’s health at stake? Why is this country pawning the health of the nation away?

Why is the BN government stubbornly arguing that rare earth is safe when we have witnessed people suffering the tragic fate in Bukit Merah due to rare earth?

Odin: If you don’t want the Lynas plant in Gebeng to operate, the only way, of course, is to get the BN out at the 13th general election (GE13). Problem – how to get the BN out when the Election Commission is clearly helping it to win? Sorry, chaps, but you will just have to keep plugging at it. And, yes, best of luck!

Anonymous #06659895: Must make sure 20 MP seats from Sabah and Sarawak go to Pakatan. So voters contribute financially to Pakatan. Sabah and Sarawak is still the BN’s fixed deposit but nothing is impossible if we stand united together.

Wslee: The Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Pak Lah) administration approved this project. Should go after him as well, other than Najib Abdul Razak. Obviously these people will protect one another but ultimately people power will bring them to their knees. Save Malaysia. Imagine the huge problem when Pakatan takes over to clear up all the mess.

Anonymous #29692505: Yes, let’s bury Lynas and BN in the coming GE 13 since the government doesn’t care about the interests of the rakyat.

Anakperlis: The haramjadah already answer before because Australia’s water quality no good, therefore they come to Kuantan. This is what the haramjadah told us before.

Ibrahim Ali and OWC bag inaugural ‘sexist’ awards

Kairos: This would be the first of many awards that Ibrahim Ali should be receiving this year. Among them would be the most racist, the most anti-one-Malaysian, the biggest mouth of the year and the Malay who possesses a skull which contains the most empty brain. He should also be awarded the first prize for the most hated and despised reject in Malaysian politics.

Nobody takes him seriously ‘cos he has succeeded in making himself the biggest laughing stock in the country. It is therefore not surprising that the women of Malaysia voted Ibrahim Ali as the most sexist. All Malaysians sokong that.

Queenie: He probably thinks the award is a compliment.

Harmandar singh: I think the award should come with an honorific title?

Datos: Katak Ali: “I would like to thank the regime for giving me the platform for allowing me to do what I do best. This year’s nominees were no pushovers and I am glad I came out tops.” Sadly Katak will not be around to compete next year.

Cantabrigian: Umi Hafilda Ali should be the winner for Lifetime Loser Award.

UN raps Malaysia on freedom of assembly

2CTS WORTH: United Nations special rapporteur for freedom of assembly and association Maina Kiai, you are wasting your breath on Jibby who is now so puffed up and full of arrogance he only has to declare and you people beware! He has just declared that debate is not our culture! He may feel inclined so declare it is not our culture to listen to foreigners Know that you are dealing with an emperor!

Ourvotesdecide!: With enough documentation and evidence, the PM, home minister and the inspector-general of police (IGP) could be held responsible for any act amounting to crime against humanity should deaths occurred among peaceful demonstrators!

Panas: Utterly disappointed with PDRM for what it did to their own people. Stay away from politics! Do what you joined the force for! Protect the people. Cukup lah.

Jiminy Qrikert: ‘Kettling’ – nice politically correct word for ‘killing fields’. Same, same. In the one, you allow them to assemble, as many as possible, into a small area with very few exit avenues. Then set up an outer perimeter that closes off these few exits. Once set up, the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) then signals for the breach to take place and follows-through with a direct attack on innocent people.

In the other, you round them all up, put them in a designated field and execute them. Same, same. Shame on you, Najib, for allowing PDRM to be kettlers in Bersih 3.0.

Anonymous #43051382: Umno doesn’t care a damn about human rights and the constitution. What they care most is the $$$$. The more $$$$ they can take the better.

Keturunan Malaysia: Utter disgust is in plain layman’s language which when diplomatically expressed reads as “utmost concern”. What a bloody shame for the best democracy in the world!

Dood: Waiting for Perkasa and gang to protest outside the UN office in KL, maybe bringing along with them a severed cow head and UN flags to burn. Oh yes, let’s also not forget a few signs denouncing “Ambiga the Hindu woman” and condemning “gays, lesbians and the free sex lifestyle of the West”.