A Propaganda Movie Is For Rednecks
Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I know that this issue has been out and about since its first announcement and how it will be shown somewhere in a month closer to the Election Day. Honestly, though I must admit that it is a propaganda movie, it should be watched for fun and to analyze on the story plot and not be taken seriously. I really don’t care about this movie and I don’t know why DAP is pissed about this movie if it isn’t true.
This however pisses me off because politicians in Malaysia have forgotten that we are adults who can think for ourselves and we don’t need to shut down this movie or that. To those who believed this movie let it be, they are just trying to stir pain and racial separation and to those against it, don’t watch it but allow freedom of speech.

It is really sad to see the movie’s facebook page and you can read the most dirtiest racist comments all barking at one race, the Chinese and also criticizing the DAP political party which is fine but don’t bring the racial issue just to spice things up. But then again, people are selfish in their ways. I would suggest not to even comment on their facebook page as it is very sad to see how uneducated and uncultured their comments can be. It is a waste of time really and if not, assuming it is the objective of the movie to stir up racial separation propaganda, then it is working. I do not want to promote them by putting a link here, you can web search it yourself.

Honestly, with regards to stupid movies (propaganda), there are more worse than one depict, if those who agreed with the story plot of the movie; well I can say that they will live their life like a cattle, born and breed with no sole purpose of their own but made to produce and slaughter. And seriously, since when we actually took seriously of such movies, there are far worse than Tanda Putera. Have you watched an American-featured movie that supposedly based on a true story, Medal of Valor?

Go watch that movie, it is full of propaganda and how they ridiculously linked Mexicans to Al Qaeda and that the Al Qaeda are Russians. The only people who would believe this are the rednecks of course, same as my own personal opinion of Tanda Putera, it is another redneck movie.