When Patrick Teoh insulted Islam and the GE-13 date

At a time when polemic on the use of the word Allah began to tapper down, a radio announcer who is also an actor, Patrick Teoh, came up with a disparaging remark against Islam in his social web site.

The statement was made by Patrick following the action of Kedah Pas in issuing guideline to bar women from taking part in cultural shows in conjunction with the coming Chinese New Year. The DAP too condemned the directive.

Mummy Rokiah blog (mummyrokiah.blogspot.com) says, Patrick often use vulgar and uncouth words in his micro social network in the name of freedom of expression.

“Today Patrick Teoh faces the music. The Patrick Teoh posting expose what he and the like-minded group really are. They are foul-mouthed and rude. Patrick Teoh cannot ask for apology before he received the punishment.

“Everybody should know that there is a limit to Muslim tolerance. The Muslims are prepared to die in protecting the sacred name of Islam. Let nobody insult Allah SWT and the Apostle of Allah,” she says.

Double-Y blog (yuseriyusoff.com) also find it puzzling that Muslim leaders in the opposition pact are silent on the issue.

“This is what happened when the opposition go crazy with their fight for freedom of speech and liberty of religion. Islam has been under siege by the day – by non-Muslim who is getting big headed.

“But as usual, after injuring the feeling of Muslims, the Chinese chauvinist group easily asks for apology…how long more can we wait when the sanctity of our religion is being sneered by the infidels in DAP which is supported by PKR and Pas?” he says.

Suara Pakatan Rakyat (suarapakatanrakyat.wordpress.com) meanwhile demands on the opposition pact to distance itself from Patrick Teoh and to avoid being link to him, especially the DAP.

This is because such statement is detrimental to the image of the opposition pact although he is not a member of any party either PKR, DAP or Pas.

It is better of the opposition pact to issue official statement immediately condemning Patrick Teoh in the party’s official organ and the mainstream media.

“Pas celebrity like Bob Lokman should also be bar from issuing statement defending Patrick because this writer feels that nobody would accept Bob Lokman’ argument that Patrick Teoh do not understand Islam,” he says.

The blog also urge the DAP to bar the celebrity from attending official function until Muslim forget about the issue.