When even a top cop is not safe
10:25AM Mar 3, 2012
Anonymous_3f4a: Attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail has been known as ‘the fixer’ and it’s
high time to clean up the AG’s Chambers and make the position of AG a non-political
Not only the judiciary’s image has been tainted, the AG’s Chambers has also been put in similar
light, never mind the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission).
Indeed, the independence of our democratic institutions, so delicately crafted by our founding
fathers, have been systematically compromised, dismantled and decimated until they now enjoy
little trust and confidence from the public.
Kee Thuan Chye: Malaysians, it’s time to speak up against all manner of abuses of power by
the ruling hegemony.
Whether or not you have been victimised, like former Commercial Crimes Investigation
Department (CCID) chief Ramli Yusuff, come forward and tell your story.
This is so that we may purge this land of those who do harm to others and bring ill-repute to the
offices they hold. They don’t deserve to be in charge.
Speak up so we may have a chance for a better Malaysia. Let’s have no more bullshit, please.
Onyourtoes: These are specific allegations against the AG and MACC by a former senior police
officer. Can the AG and MACC remain silent without responding to these allegations?
If what was said was true, how would common people like me get protected from abuse of
power and false accusations?
The only honourable thing to do is for AG and MACC to come out to prove who exactly who was
Loyal Malaysian: Thank you Ramli, for continuing to speak out fearlessly. Yes, there are still
gems in our judiciary who continue to put a spanner into the devious and deceitful manipulations
of the Umnoputras.
To these brave souls, I am sure all loyal Malaysians salute you. I have prayed and will continue
to pray that your case will be one where good finally triumph over evil.

Ksn: Ramli, well done. We need many more men like you with integrity and sheer guts to
safeguard this nation of ours from politicians who are criminals and who have been plundering
this country, especially in the institutions like the police force, the MACC and the AG’s Chambers.
To be specific, the crimes started about 30 years ago after Hussien Onn stepped down as PM.
The rest is history. The restoration of our standards and ethics can happen only under a new
government as the present one is beyond redemption.
Sarawakian_3ff9: Happy birthday, Datuk. It’s very hard to imagine the suffering and
humiliation Ramli and his officers had gone through – all allegedly because of one highly corrupt
high official who is supposed to uphold justice.
And Ramli is not the only one this man from Sabah had persecuted to the full extend of the law.
Up2U: If such a senior police officer can be fixed and have to go through ‘hell’ to vindicate
himself, imagine the ordinary simple folks who get into trouble with the AG and the powers
behind him.
ApaNamaDoktor?: Syabas MCCBCHST. My personal opinion is that the government is privy and
party to Hasan Ali’s innuendoes and insinuations.
The men heading the government are more interested in remaining in power at all costs than
running the government ethically and democratically.
Anonymous: Definitely, there is government complicity in Hasan Ali’s insinuation.
Not only that, the inaction by the police in Penang in stopping the Umno/Perkasa hooligans from
hurting the reporters and hurling vulgarities at Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, is another form of
government complicity.
RR: Hasan Ali has been causing a lot of unrest amongst the various races and religions in the
country. This is sedition if his allegations cannot be proven.
MCCBCHST should make a police report to charge him and also his advisers for sedition as he is
disturbing the peace of the nation.
Louis: Hasan Ali’s intention is nothing short of causing tension and enmity between Christians
and Muslims.

He will not be satisfied until his aims are achieved. And we are wondering why he is allowed to
repeat those inflammatory remarks as and when he likes.
Will the police only take action only after blood is shed? And if his stories are true, bring them
forth and have those guilty ones charged in court.
I am sure all Christians in Malaysia, without exception, will want them put behind bars, be they
pastors, priests or what have you. Stop the lies.
Dkay: Hello MCCBCHST, all of you get together, call for a press conference, condemn Hasan and
then walk up to the PM and the Agong and hand over a written complaint. Don’t talk only.