Saturday June 2, 2012

Pimping our girls in Tokyo


TOKYO: Agents of an organised Nigerian vice network with connections in Kuala Lumpur are offering fly-in Malaysian women as guest relation officers (GROs) to Japanese and foreign expatriates here.

Operating from the Ropponggi and Kabukicho red light districts, the Nigerian agents — codenamed Black Crow — offer Malaysian girls, below the age of 25, for a whopping ¥50,000 (RM2,000) for a 24-hour escort service.

One of the “Black Crows”, when approached by The Star in Ropponggi here yesterday, claimed he could make arrangements for Malaysian GROs from either Penang or Kuala Lumpur.

Identifying himself as Kent, the 29-year-old Nigerian claimed there was a group a Malaysians already staying at hotels in the city for the last few days.

“You want what type of girl? We have the 1Malaysia set, that’s what you call them in your country, am I right?

“I have been studying in Nilai (Negri Sembilan) for two years. I know your country well and I have my network there,” he said, adding that engaging a Malaysian for an immediate six-hour escort service would cost about ¥20,000 (RM800).

“Malaysians are considered exquisite in Japan. You can’t get them easily and therefore the price is a bit high compared to Brazilian, Chinese or Japanese girls.

“I also charge a commission of ¥5,000 (RM200) and for the fly-in GROs, my tip would be double,” Kent said.

When asked how he made arrangements for the fly-in GROs, Kent said he would contact his Malaysian counterpart and the girls would arrive from Kuala Lumpur two days after the booking was confirmed.

“We make the arrangements for the girls to be flown in. You don’t worry about that, just give the deposit and consider it done bro,” he assured.

During the conversation, Kent also offered China Press executive editor Yeong Kah Choon, who was also probing the existence of the Black Crow syndicate in Tokyo, a 16-year-old Malaysian girl.

“She is currently here and speaks fluent Bahasa Malaysia, but you have to pay me in US dollars if you want to go out with her as she is not cheap due to her age,” he said.

When Yeong queried how a 16-year-old Malaysian, who’s supposed to be in school, ended up in Tokyo, Kent retorted:

“You don’t ask me that. We don’t kidnap anyone from Malaysia and they came here voluntarily to make extra money. That’s all, bro.”

Asked why they codenamed themselves Black Crow, Kent replied it was because of the Malaysian police.

“Your people (police) once called us Gagak Hitam and an operation was conducted to drive us out of Malaysia.

“I don’t know if you still remember that and we identify our syndicate as Black Crow because our leaders are still in Kuala Lumpur,” he said.