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Guan Eng ‘biggest joke of GE13’

FACE-OFF IS OFF: Teng not surprised by DAP sec-gen’s decision not to contest in Padang Kota state seat

GEORGE TOWN: PENANG Barisan Nasional chief Teng Chang Yeow said he could sense the fear in DAP secretary-general and chief minister, Lim Guan Eng, in doing battle with him in the 13th general election.

Teng said he was not surprised that Lim had backed off from facing him in the Padang Kota state seat.

He described Lim’s decision not to face-off with him in the polls as the “biggest joke of the 13th general election”.

“I feel sorry for him but more so, I feel sorry for DAP,” Teng, who is also Gerakan secretary-general, told a press conference at the state BN headquarters yesterday.

Padang Kota was Teng’s former constituency where he had been the state assemblyman for three terms before losing the seat to Penang DAP chairman, Chow Kon Yeow, in 2008 by a 1,661-vote majority.

Teng said he had anticipated from the start that Lim would withdraw from contesting against him as Lim, he said “is not brave enough to face multiethnic voters”.

“He cannot be rhetorical about being a Malaysian leader and yet, dare not face a multi-racial composition seat. How then can he proclaim himself to be a Malaysian leader?” Teng asked.

“I have been stressing that this contest is about policies and not about individuals.”

He added that he had accepted Lim’s challenge after a KiniTV interview quoted him as saying “it was up to him (Lim) to contest against me”.

“Susan Loone was the journalist who interviewed me and later wrote a story which led to Lim challenging me. I accepted the challenge to contest in a multi-racial seat,” Teng added.

When asked to respond to Lim labelling him as a “circus performer”, Teng retorted, “Then why didn’t he jump into the ring?

“Doesn’t that make him a circus performer or clown?”

Teng also brushed aside Lim’s allegations that he was subservient to Umno.

“This is nothing new as DAP has always accused every leader from (the late Tun) Dr Lim Chong Eu’s time as being subservient to Umno.”

At a separate press conference earlier, Lim, in ending the battle, said he decided to call off the potential face-off.

Describing it as a “circus performance”, Lim said he felt he was deceived by Teng’s political games in challenging him to contest the Padang Kota seat.

Lim said he did not want to waste time and entertain Teng any more.

“It is status quo for me as I will be going back to my Air Puteh state constituency and the Bagan parliamentary constituency.”

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