Michael Wong unhappy with GE13

By Elaine Ewe

7 May – After the results of Malaysia’s 13th General Election was announced, many Chinese celebrities voiced out their unhappiness, including Malaysian singer Michael Wong.

According to Jayne Stars, the Malaysian-Chinese singer, who is a supporter of Pakatan Rakyat, changed his Facebook cover photo to black and lamented, “Heaven is watching what people on earth are doing!” when the final results were reported.

He later added, “I can only use strange to describe it…” and “Evil cannot triumph over justice.”

Throughout the vote counting, Michael kept updating his Facebook, with statements such as “They keep talking on TV, it’s been three hours, and they’ve used up almost all of their words. Are they still unwilling to report the results in other electoral districts? Are the Malaysians’ knowledge of mathematics that bad? They can’t bear to lose, so they don’t dare report it? Or are they waiting for the opportunity to ‘strike’?”

Other celebrities who were dissatisfied with the results are Malaysian-Chinese singer Fish Leong and Taiwanese singer Kenji Wu. Fish wept upon hearing the news while Kenji uploaded a black picture on his Sina Weibo, saying, “Today a friend from the other end of the world passed through a dark day, but I believe that after the darkness, there will be a radiant rebel attack!”

Barisan Nasional (BN), which has been Malaysia’s governing coalition since its formation in 1971, emerged victorious in the recent general election. However, former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim, who leads Pakatan Rakyat, challenged and rejected the election results, saying that the Election Committee had neglected to investigate the existence of voter fraud.