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‘1Malaysia Clinic only for densely populated areas with poor health services’
mySarawak | 23/11/2011

SARIKEI: Population density and prevailing standard of health services are among the main factors taken into account when considering applications for 1Malaysia clinics.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai stated this in response to a request for the setting up of a 1Malaysia clinic in the district.

According to him, 78 1Malaysia clinics had been set up nationwide, including seven in the state — three in Sibu, two in Kuching and one each in Miri and Bintulu.

He explained that the clinics were set up in these places because they had a dense population coupled by the fact that the people there were underserved in terms of health services.

“No doubt, all areas want to have 1Malaysia Clinic as it provides cheap and efficient health service from 10am to 10pm daily including weekends and public holidays,” he pointed out.

Although some areas did not deserve 1Malaysia clinics, he said the Health Ministry had other ways of improving the quality of health services there.

Citing Sarikei, Liow said he would look into ways of giving a facelift to the existing polyclinic, adding that the project stood a very good chance to be expedited if they were able to make use of the site of the old hospital.

Liow, who was here to officially launch the two-week Health Carnival at theSarikeiHospitalyesterday, later visited the local polyclinic.

Among those who accompanied him were Sarikiei MP Ding Kuong Hiing, Assistant Public Health Minister Dr Jerip Susil, deputy director-general of Health Ministry Dr Nor Hisham Abdullah, state health director Dr Zulkifli Jantan,, divisional health officer Dr Hasrina Hassan and Sarikei hospital director Dr Tey Siew Chang.

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