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Despite royal reprimand, Anwar keeps faith with Dr Wan Azizah


The PKR de facto leader fended off calls from within the party to submit more names and is adamant on Dr Wan Azizah being the only one put forth. — file picture

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 5 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is refusing to nominate anyone beyond his wife, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, to be Selangor mentri besar despite censure from the state palace for failing to submit three candidates as requested.

Party sources told local English daily The Star that the PKR de facto leader fended off calls from within the party to submit more names and is adamant on Dr Wan Azizah being the only one put forth.

“Azmin Ali had called on Anwar to be more rational and submit two more names as requested by the Sultan. But Anwar refused to budge,” said the source.

PAS previously proposed Azmin as an alternative to Dr Wan Azizah.

After being reproached by the Selangor palace for failing to comply with its request for at least three nominees for the Sultan’s consideration, PKR had said yesterday it would submit two more candidates within the next 48 hours.

The party’s secretary-general, Datuk Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, said PKR “will announce and explain” its next move once it is finalised.

Selangor’s Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah last week asked the three Pakatan Rakyat (PR) parties — DAP, PKR and PAS — to each send in at least three names for him to consider for the state government’s top post, by September 3.

The DAP and PKR were steadfast in their decision to nominate only Dr Wan Azizah for the post.

But PAS, in defiance of a PR presidential council decision on August 17, sent in three names yesterday.

Saifuddin said the party had contemplated PAS’ nominees, but no decisions have been made.

“Mustafa said two PKR and one PAS representative were named. We discussed the scenario… but even then we don’t know who their nominees from PKR were,” he said, referring to his PAS counterpart, Datuk Mustafa Ali.

PAS submitted three names to the state ruler directly from the party president’s office.

The current crisis stems from PKR’s move to oust Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim from office, including sacking him from the party and leaving the state in the hands of an independent mentri besar.

Khalid has since resigned as mentri besar but remains in office in a caretaker capacity until his successor is chosen.

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Reject threats, violence or extremism, says Najib

January 30, 2014

The Prime Minister in his Chinese Year message calls for unity and racial harmony

KUALA LUMPUR: Najib Tun Razak has called on Malaysians to reject any form of threat, violence or act of extremism that would strain the harmonious relationship shared and enjoyed by the various races in the country.

The prime minister, in his Chinese New Year greetings, said that while people rejoiced in welcoming the Year of the Horse, the unity and racial harmony that Malaysians had enjoyed so far must be upheld.

“I believe we should all listen to the voice of reason. It is therefore incumbent upon us to act sensibly and to listen to each other’s views.

“In Malaysia’s cultural melting pot, we must respect the rules of law and proceed with sensitivity toward other people’s beliefs,” he said in a post on his blog.

He pointed out that despite the transformation advances that had been made, there was still a long way to go and much work to do.

Najib said the transformation programmes needed support from the people from all walks of life – especially so from the Chinese community who are known for their entrepreneurial skills.

He also said that there were countless initiatives being undertaken to improve the livelihood of the people, such as ongoing programmes like the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M), 1Malaysia People’s Shops (KR1M), ‘Ops Harga’ against the arbitrary raising of prices and many others to help mitigate the pinch of global inflationary forces.

He said there were also ongoing consultative meetings and discussions that were focused solely on addressing the issue of easing the people’s burden and that the efforts would go asunder without the support of the people.

“Together, we must remain resilient in the face of economic challenges to sustain stability and progress for our future generation,” he said.

Najib also expressed his appreciation for the nation-building role played by Malaysian Chinese since independence.

– Bernama

Malaysia’s Yingluck Shinawatra
Nurul Izzah: Once And For All, We Kick This Political Parasite Out Of Our Country

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Penipuan pengurusan orang putih di Penang Medical College

Kami The Unspinners menerima email berikut dari seorang hamba Allah:

Masalah-masalah di Penang Medical College adalah skandal yang mesti ditamatkan. Dengan segala hormatnya, atas jasa baik Tuan, saya ingin memohon supaya dapat Tuan memberi pertimbangan kepada masalah yang dihadapi oleh pelajar-pelajar di Penang Medical College dan memberi pertimbangan supaya dapat Tuan memberi bantuan serta mengambil tindakan dengan sewajarnya.

On behalf of all students studying at the college, I would be most grateful if you could consider helping by forwarding the problems to the right authorities so that checking, investigations and actions can be taken and also publisse these problems so the same mistakes will not be easily made again and suffering can be avoid

There are serious problems. CEO has ordered a reorganisaation of the college. The Library, the canteen and the students association are going to be moved to to a rented building about 1 km/30mins walk library and students will no longer be able to use library, canteen or students association rest rooms at convenience in between lectures and tutorials.

Survey shows that almost all students and lecturers feel that these planned changes are not good and will have bad effects. Student leaders have gone to appeal to CEO but CEO will not listen.

Maybe CEO is not medical graduate, never studied medicine, does not know how difficult it is to study to medicine, and very pressurized and stressful too. However he should consider the opinion and the votes of the students too.

Although about 75% students are on scholarship from MARA or JPA and not paying fees directly to the college, they are also the endusers and the customers of the College, and CEO should be the servant. College staff and management forget that scholarship students have a contract to honour, of 10 years service or a huge amount of bond money to pay.

CEO does not want to admit that management has been poor, space has been abused, and there has been very very poor planning. The rented building has been left idle for about 1 year now, wasting rent paid of RM 25,000/- a month. Also very bad planning as space at the current main campus is wasted on an office for Sweedish Embassy and research offices which have nothing to do with student teaching.

CEO and his team have not been doing their work. CEO instead of planning college expansion and development has been spending time and money organizing Irish games(?) using college money as well (please investigate) and other activities benefiting his friends.

For eg. he organized a motivational lecture by his friend Eddie Jordan and got very angry when attendance was poor and punished students by making those who did not attend write official letter of explanation of why they did not attend, otherwise their caution fee will be deducted to defray expenses. All this near examination time

A lot of money wasted on self benefiting expenses, but no money for student expenses. Students come last, library not enough books, clinical skills lab – not enough space, not enough equipment; students charged excessively for photocopied documents; computer facilities poor; allocation for extracurricular activities poor.

Students can count: fees per student x number of students. College gets very large amount of fees, but facilities poor. College advertisement says nonprofit, so why are facilities so poor. Please investigate and take right action if possible. Maybe staff salaries are too high? Mismanagement? Staff usually not around? Ponteng to? Go home? Play golf? Private practice, and not interested in teaching students at all , only in showing off to students how cleaver they are.

Students ask for facilities but management refuses stating no money, no space but these are available for the Irish and their interests, families and friends. The CEO forgets that he is spending students money.

Most teaching done by hospital doctors. Some not interested and nasty. Some try their best but are just too junior and don’t even know much themselves. Some overworked? Afraid to teach because not prepared. Many kementerian kesihatan young doctors who teach students are too young and do not even have postgraduate degrees. So many tutorials and lectures canceled at last moment

The Medical College needs qualified and dedicated teachers, not old, tired and uninterested retired old European doctors who come to come to Penang to have a good retirement, running away from the cold to enjoy the warm weather, get very high salaries, more than double the salaries of the local lecturers

Careful and detailed investigations are needed to stop the wrongdoings and the exploitation of the students, their parents, the patients and the rakyat by the Irish who practically control the college.

The Irish have been heard to say that the local Malaysians will not dare to oppose them because the natives think that the the white man is a superior being. The Irish run the College and behave like colonial masters. They think that a Malaysian Medical college needs their internationally recognized medical qualification and their medical curriculum and that the Malaysians will do anything to keep the Irish twinning programe and the Irish qualification.

However it is now very clear that the medical qualification from Penang Medical College is only recognized in Malaysia. It is supposed to be recognized in Ireland but Penang Medical College graduates cannot really get employment in Ireland.

The Penang Medical College degree of the National Universiti of Ireland is not recognized in the UK, Singapore, or Australia. PMC graduates have to sit for and pass qualifying exams like the AMEC and the PLAB exams. In Singapore PMC graduates are not even allowed to sit for the qualifying exams.

Thus having the Irish degree is of no use because for all practical purposes the qualification is only recognized in Malaysia. So the Penang Medical College twinning programe which costs RM 800,000 is not much better than the programs of the other medical colleges in Malaysia eg IMU (RM400,000), Melaka Mannipal (RM 400,000), AMIST (RM 300,000), ALLIANZ(250,000)

The Irish are making a lot of money from Malaysians. Fees in Ireland for pre-clinical initial 2.5 years are 30,000 euros or RM 150,000 per year compared to RM 50,000 per year for the subsequent 2.5 tears in Penang.

The PMC –Irish twinning programe only exists because of Hospital Pulau Pinang which is used for teaching, Without Hospital Pulau Pinang, the Irish cannot get money for the pre-clinical initial 2.5 pre-clinical years as they have no teaching hospital facilities to provide practical training.

In summary, because of the wrong assumption or the false representation that the Penang Medical College – National University of Ireland degree is internationally recognized, the Irish are given the opportunity to be partners of the PMC twinning programe.

Because of the facilities for practical training at Hospital Pulau Pinang that can accommodate 120 students, the Irish are able to get 30,000 euros=RM 150,000 per semester per student totaling (120 + 120 + 60 = 300) 150,000 x 300 x 2 = RM9,000,000 per year (as there are students at the stage of years 1, years 2, and half of year3) for running the preclinical initial 2.5 years of the course in Ireland.

In addition, the Irish also control the clinical course in Penang running the course to the benefit of themselves and their friends paying Irish and European lecturers 2-3 times the salaries which the locals are paid. Worse still, most of the teaching is still left to Kementerian Kesihatan doctors. Some of whom are very junior and do not even have postgraduate degrees.

Worse still the foreign lecturers cannot speak the local language and cannot communicate with patients, are tired and uninterested and many of them have not been medical teachers in their working lives but are suddenly made to become medical lecturers to work in Penang Medical College in Malaysia.

All in all, the Irish because of the false representation or misunderstanding that their degree is internationally recognized,have been given the opportunity to be partners at Penang Medical college which exists only because of the teaching facilities at Hospital Pulau pinang. As part of the deal they make about RM9,000,000 per year from the fees taken from the preclinical students in Dublin.

The role of the Irish and the cost of the preclinical initial 2.5 years in Dublin, contributes to the total expense of the twinning programe of RM 800,000.

The fees charged and expenses spent by students are just too much. More so facilities are deficient, the foreign lecturer s are tired and not interested. The use of kkm junior doctors for teaching is not ideal because these are junior and have to dedicate efforts at care of the sick.

The worst thing now is that the National Universiti of Ireland which confers the degree when PMC students graduate is going to be dissolved in June 2011 because of non profitability. This will even make things worse. This type of betrayal is unethical and immoral.

First the degree is advertised as an internationally recognised degree, which it is not, but really only recognised in Malaysia and Ireland. Now the degree issuing body is going to be dissolved because of financial difficulties. This is very sad as many Malaysians work very hard to stuuggle for a livelihood.

The Irish are using Malaysians, their hard earned money, their hospitals as a cash generating cow to make a lot of profits. If the Irish have no access to Penang General Hospital for practical teaching they cannot run the college and cannot get the money from the first two and the half years of the twining programe.

An investigation or an audit is required. Maybe a Malaysian Company must be given the opportunity to run the medical college associated with the teaching facilities at Hospital Puluau Pinang like IMU, AIMST. We would be grateful if you could investigate and circulate this news.

I apologise for using only a pen name as the medical profession is a very close knit organisation and I may face difficulties if I so not respect the heirarchy and behave as a whistleblower openly. I hope that an investigation is organised. Much Much more wrongdoings will be found.

Thank you.
Bunyi macam seorang pelajar yang mendedahkan apa yang dia nampak. PMC kena jawab.

Kalau DAP hebat dalam pentadbiran mereka, ada baik mereka siasat dan akhirkan penyelewengan ini.

OFWs warned of scams in Kuala Lumpur
By Jerry E. Esplanada

First Posted 06:10:00 01/05/2011

MANILA, Philippines—The Philippines embassy in Kuala Lumpur has warned against various financial scams targeting mainly female overseas Filipino workers.

In a report to the Department of Foreign Affairs, the embassy in the Malaysian capital said an undisclosed number of OFWs had fallen prey to the swindlers.

“The swindlers often target Filipino women with well-paying jobs in reputable companies” in Malaysia, said the mission.

The victims were “deceived into parting with their hard-earned money by people whom they apparently met through the Internet.”

According to the embassy, the swindlers, using “bogus documents and bogus names of Malaysian officials,” make their victims believe that:

There is a valuable package or bundles of foreign currency notes under the victim’s name which must be claimed immediately;

There is a lucrative job awaiting the victim; or

The victim needs to bail out a friend who is in big trouble and is detained by Malaysian authorities.

“The swindler tells the victim to remit money as a precondition for receipt of the goods or job contracts, or assistance in getting his or her friend out of jail,” said the embassy.

Najib Maintains Guessing Game On Simultaneous Elections

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 21 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is maintaining a guessing game whether the 13th General Election (GE) will be held simultaneously with the Sarawak state election.

“Can you wait-and-see. I will consider anything. Anything is possible,” he said when asked on the possibility of the two elections being held together .

Asked further by reporters after he had launched the 1Malaysia Youth Fund here Friday whether the Barisan Nasional (BN) was ready to face the two elections in one go, Najib, who is also BN chairman, said:”In an election anything can happen.”

Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud has been reported as saying that he would discuss with Najib on the possibility of having the 13th GE and and Sarawak state election, which must be called by July, together.

The 13th GE need only be called in 2013.

On the Merlimau state seat in Melaka, Najib said a by-election for it could not be avoided.

“No matter, we will face it when the Election Commission calls a by-election for the seat. I am confident Melaka BN is well prepared for the by-election,” he said.

The incumbent, Datuk Mohamad Hidhir Abu Hassan, 54, of the BN, died of heart failure at the Putra Specialist Hospital in Melaka Thursday.

On the emergence of Parti Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air (KITA), Najib said its presence showed that democracy was thriving in Malaysia.

“Anyone can form a political party in Malaysia and as long as they follow the laws of the country, they can contest in elections and the like, no problems,” he said.

Asked about the presence of Datuk M. Kayveas, the president of BN component party PPP at the launching of KITA, Najib said:”It’s ok. It’s all right. We don’t fight with everybody. Sometimes we can be civil to one another.”

NUR Alert gets green light from cabinet

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 13 — A child abduction alert system, which serves to trace and inform on the disappearance of children aged 12 and below, has been approved by the cabinet.

In a joint statement, Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil and Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said the Cabinet also decided to name the system “NUR Alert” or National Urgent Response Alert.

The statement said the initiative, to be chaired by the Royal Malaysia Police, would be implemented immediately, with the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry acting as the deputy chair.

“Information will be spread through posters, websites, text messages and electronic message boards,” the statement added.

The system’s implementation would also involved strategic collaboration between the government, private sector and non-governmental organisations, the statement said. – Bernama


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