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by Hantu Laut

Read all the past predictions by some of our local professors and see which one of their educated guesses had been accurate.Gazing at the crystal ball most probably!

In the March 2008 General Elections two very learned persons predicted that BN will get two-thirds majority, one was Assoc Prof Dr Mohamed Mustaffa Ishak and the other political analyst Assoc Prof Dr Mohammad Agus Yusoff. Both were wrong.

Mustapha Ishak said ” the minor political, economic and racial issues raised by the opposition during the campaign in this general election would not be able to deny BN the two-third majority, let alone topple the government”

Another political analyst Assoc Prof Dr Mohammad Agus Yusoff echoed the same. He even predicted Penang to remain with BN and Kelantan a tough fight for both PAS and BN. The rest is history.BN got the biggest thrashing of its life.

Here we come again the same professor predicting BN will not get two-thirds majority in PRU 13.Read them at your own perils.PRU 12 prediction here.

I bet he be wrong again.

BN is likely to get two-thirds majority with a very Malay dominated government.

A similar scenario of what happened in Sarawak recently would be repeated in PRU 13.Taib has shown that he doesn’t need Chinese votes to get two-third majority.

Taib Mahmud has shown his political prowess by clean sweep of all PBB seats.The failure was SUPP who had fallen victim to DAP vicious propaganda.

In spite of the vicious diatribe on his person and allegations of massive corruptions Taib survived the onslaught and had been a major factor in the victory.The PM and DPM have played equally big roles in his victory.

MCA disastrous outing in PRU12 is pale compared to what in store for them in PRU13.MCA, Gerakan and all Chinese based parties in Sabah and Sarawak would be near total decimation and almost all Chinese seats would go to DAP.

The small windfall in Sarawak was no indication of its growing popularity.The win was more the candidate than the party.Tenacious Anwar would continue with his political charade. PKR would be on life support.

It is also very possible PAS would have left the coalition by then.The Malays, except for the educated fools and the dreamers who think Malaysia can be America would have consolidated their positions to counter the Chinese cohesion.

UMNO may have no choice but to repossess all marginal seats given to Chinese based parties in Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak. The demand for return of these seats back to UMNO would be extremely loud.

Unless Najib can come up with a magic formula,unfortunately, always shot down by DAP, Malaysia is heading for an unprecedented racial polarisation come PRU13.


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