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American women targeted as Malaysia becomes Internet scam haven: U.S.

Budget 2015: Why Sabah deserves special deal
Posted on October 9, 2014, Thursday

KOTA KINABALU: With Sabah’s basic infrastructures in a “sorry state”, DAP Kapayan assemblyman Dr Edwin Bosi said the State deserves a special consideration in the National Budget 2015.

He said past national budgets have shown how little allocations were given to Sabah.

“Yet, in spite of this apparent disparity, our parliamentarians have seen fit to remain mute, some supporting in protest while others stick to party line and do not want to rock the boat. It appears that only opposition lawmakers were making constructive noises,” he said.

Dr Bosi, who is DAP Sabah secretary, added that the thousands of Sabah youths streaming away to Malaya and other parts of the world in search of greener pastures are testimony of Sabah government’s failure to create and provide jobs.

“The youths were never prepared to take up jobs in the plantations and construction industry. That explains why thousands of foreigners have flooded Sabah to find work in the oil palm plantations and construction industry,” he said.

Dr Bosi said now that Sabah is confirmed as a fixed deposit for Umno BN, the Prime Minister should be more sympathetic to and concerned for Sabah.

“If the basic infrastructure remains ancient, the migration of youth will continue and the people in general will remain in poverty.

“I am pretty sure the 14th general election will produce and spring a surprise. Even the BR1M will not save BN from defeat,” he predicted.

“As one of the three nations to form Malaysia, I am expecting the government to provide at least 30% of the budget to Sabah. Only then we can see the transformation in the basic infrastructures, the agriculture and tourism sectors.

When more investments arrive so would the youths who have left the shores here, and this time with their working skills and experiences. We need to be prepared for them as we prepare the existing local human resources.

“Sabah Budget 2015 will be tabled in November. I am somewhat pessimistic whether the government can come up with another big budget like the one in 2014.

“The 5% oil royalty will be about a billion while the sales tax on crude palm oil (CPO) will likely go down. Unless the government receives high profit sharing returns, issue another bond and receive a substantial amount of federal allocations, then I can say that the Budget 2015 will be below the four billion mark.

“However, if the government is successful in getting 20% oil royalty, then this will immediately inject about four billion to the Sabah treasury,” he reckoned

Dr Bosi also said whatever it is he would like to advise the government to listen to the grassroots when preparing the budget. The inputs from the village chiefs, Kapitan Cina and Village Development and Security Committees should be welcomed and acted upon.

“They would certainly outline all the problems in the villages and towns and the government can put them (their views) to their implementing agencies to study and mitigate while the government looks for funds to implement them.

“The inputs from the government agencies must be taken seriously as they are the people who know what is required to keep the country running well. The District Officer is the most important government officer and it is only fair that the government appoints the most qualified officer for the job,” he said.

“The proposals, recommendations and views from the government agencies are of utmost importance to the government. Needless to say, the government agencies must be ever ready to listen to the people and feel their problems.

“For example, when the Public Works Department engineers proposed building flyovers to ease traffic congestions, the government must say ok and look for the funds for it.

“The Drainage and Irrigation Department engineers must have come up with a master plan on flood mitigation and it is the government’s duty to look for the funds to implement it.

“I am fed up with answers from government agencies saying that there are no allocations for such and such. A government which can boast a huge budget must not disappoint the taxpayers and the people. Our role as opposition lawmakers is obvious. We will always listen to the people and raise their grievances to the government. We will also play our role as constructive opposition lawmakers,” he added.

Dr Bosi expressed the hope of seeing a good budget allocation for Sabah from the national budget 2015.

“When I talk about good budget it means for the development of Sabah. The security funding is equally important but that should come from the national security and defence component,” he stressed.

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Despite royal reprimand, Anwar keeps faith with Dr Wan Azizah


The PKR de facto leader fended off calls from within the party to submit more names and is adamant on Dr Wan Azizah being the only one put forth. — file picture

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 5 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is refusing to nominate anyone beyond his wife, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, to be Selangor mentri besar despite censure from the state palace for failing to submit three candidates as requested.

Party sources told local English daily The Star that the PKR de facto leader fended off calls from within the party to submit more names and is adamant on Dr Wan Azizah being the only one put forth.

“Azmin Ali had called on Anwar to be more rational and submit two more names as requested by the Sultan. But Anwar refused to budge,” said the source.

PAS previously proposed Azmin as an alternative to Dr Wan Azizah.

After being reproached by the Selangor palace for failing to comply with its request for at least three nominees for the Sultan’s consideration, PKR had said yesterday it would submit two more candidates within the next 48 hours.

The party’s secretary-general, Datuk Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, said PKR “will announce and explain” its next move once it is finalised.

Selangor’s Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah last week asked the three Pakatan Rakyat (PR) parties — DAP, PKR and PAS — to each send in at least three names for him to consider for the state government’s top post, by September 3.

The DAP and PKR were steadfast in their decision to nominate only Dr Wan Azizah for the post.

But PAS, in defiance of a PR presidential council decision on August 17, sent in three names yesterday.

Saifuddin said the party had contemplated PAS’ nominees, but no decisions have been made.

“Mustafa said two PKR and one PAS representative were named. We discussed the scenario… but even then we don’t know who their nominees from PKR were,” he said, referring to his PAS counterpart, Datuk Mustafa Ali.

PAS submitted three names to the state ruler directly from the party president’s office.

The current crisis stems from PKR’s move to oust Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim from office, including sacking him from the party and leaving the state in the hands of an independent mentri besar.

Khalid has since resigned as mentri besar but remains in office in a caretaker capacity until his successor is chosen.

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Barack Obama visits Malaysia with economy and security on agenda

• US president to hold talks with prime minister Najib Razak
• Obama will not meet opposition leader

barack obama malaysia
King Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah, second left, addresses President Barack Obama at a state dinner on Sunday. Photograph: Mohd Rasfan/AFP/Getty Images

Opening the first visit to Malaysia by a US president in nearly half a century, Barack Obama looked ahead Saturday to economic and security talks with the prime minister, Najib Razak, who leads a south-east Asian nation with an important role in Obama’s efforts to forge deeper ties with the region.

Stepping on to a red carpet at the Royal Malaysian Air Base, Obama was whisked by limousine to Kuala Lumpur’s Parliament Square, where a 21-gun salute rang out as Malaysia’s king and prime minister greeted Obama under muggy skies and a yellow awning. A military band played the US and Malaysian national anthems twice and Obama inspected an elaborate honour guard in crisp green and white before the arrival ceremony came to a close.

Obama’s next stop was to be the Istana Negara, the National Palace, for an audience with Malaysia’s royal family before he takes his seat later Saturday at a state dinner in his honour.

During the two-day visit, which follows stops in Japan and South Korea, Obama will also meet with citizen leaders and hold a town hall-style forum with young leaders from across the region. But Obama will not meet a prominent Malaysian opposition leader despite appeals from human rights groups.

Obama, in a written interview with the Malaysian newspaper The Star, said his main message is that the US welcomes its growing contributions to security and prosperity in the region. “I see my visit as an opportunity to formalise a comprehensive partnership, and lay the foundation for even closer ties for years to come,” Obama said ahead of his visit, the first by a US president since Lyndon B Johnson came here in 1966.

Trade, defence and maritime security are among the issues Obama and Najib were expected to discuss during talks scheduled for Sunday. Malaysia is one of a dozen countries involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade negotiations, a top priority for Obama’s global economic agenda.

Last month’s disappearance of a commercial airliner carrying 239 people put Malaysia in the international spotlight as Obama was preparing to head to the region. The US is assisting in the huge search effort. Officials are widening the search area in a remote part of the ocean where the jet may have crashed. In a sign of the ongoing agony, about 50 relatives of missing Chinese passengers continue a sit-in protest outside the Malaysian embassy in Beijing, demanding answers.

Absent from Obama’s itinerary in Malaysia: a meeting with the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who presents the most potent political threat to Najib amid a decline in Najib’s popular support over the past two elections.

The US spurned calls from human rights groups for the president himself to meet the 66-year-old former deputy prime minister, but was instead sending Susan Rice, his national security adviser and former UN ambassador, to meet with him.

Anwar was recently convicted for the second time on sodomy charges that the US and international human rights groups have claimed are politically motivated. Anwar is appealing, and could be forced to give up his seat in parliament and go to prison if he loses.

Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser, told reporters travelling with Obama that the president typically does not meet with opposition leaders during foreign visits, but felt the issue was important enough to dispatch Rice instead. Obama and other top officials have raised Anwar’s case in past meetings with Malaysian officials, Rhodes added.

Halfway through the eight-day, four-country trip, Obama has started showing signs of weariness from the mileage and the 12-hour time shift from Washington while travelling in Asia. He normally jogs up the stairs to Air Force One, but on Saturday slowed to a walk instead.

Before departing Seoul on Saturday, Obama addressed US troops stationed in South Korea and received a military briefing focused on North Korea. Obama will also visit the Philippines before returning to Washington next week.

Anti-GST rally as it unfolds

GST-Cover-Photo Size Large

The anti-GST rally is expected to begin at 2pm today.



The anti-GST rally set to take place today in the city will see participants converging in several checkpoints around Kuala Lumpur.

The checkpoints are the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), Sogo shopping mall, Masjid Negara, Dataran Maybank and Brickfields.

Participants will then move towards Dataran Merdeka where the rally is said to take place, however yesterday, PAS clarified they will not be utilizing the square on police orders.Meanwhile,

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) President Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, in a statement yesterday morning, called upon the public to gather at Dataran Merdeka to show solidarity against the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) amongst others.


A PAS member, Nazrul, 34, from Penang, who is in charge of security told The Rakyat Post he is responsible for the welfare and behaviour of the protesters.

“My main task is to ensure that none of the protestors act aggresively or out of control. I also have look out for any signs of agent provocateurs, as these people tend to be the ones who turn peaceful rallies into chaotic ones.”


At Masjid Negara, 20 buses from Penang were spotted, believed to have ferried protestors to the location.

Most of them are hanging around in the mosque compound, clad in red t-shirts.


An estimated 200 people have begun to gather in front of Sogo shopping mall along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

Rally t-shirts are also being sold at the location.

Traffic in the area is still smooth flowing and enforcement officers are not spotted as yet.

PM orders all measures taken to locate missing MAS aircraft

March 8, 2014



KUALA LUMPUR, March 8 — Putrajaya has issued an order to all relevant authorities to take all possible measures to locate missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

In a brief posting on microblogging site Twitter this afternoon, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak offered his prayers to the flight passengers’ next-of-kin.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the family members of flight #MH370. I’ve asked all measures possible to be taken,” he wrote.

Earlier today, MAS confirmed that Subang Air Traffic Control lost contact with the Boeing B777-200 plane at 2.40am this morning, some two hours after the Beijing-bound aircraft departed from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at 12.41am.

The plane was scheduled to arrive at Beijing at 6.30am local time.

According to MAS group chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, there were a total of 14 nationalities onboard the plane and a total of 227 passengers, and 12 crew members.

This includes 153 Chinese nationals including one infant, 38 Malaysians, 12 Indonesians, seven Australians, three French nationals, four from the US including one infant, two from New Zealand, two Canadians, two Russians, one Italian, one Taiwanese, one from Netherlands and one Austrian.

Jauhari said the family members of those onboard the missing flight are being contacted.

A search and rescue mission has also been mounted, involving both Malaysian and Vietnamese officials.

The plane reportedly fell off the radar when it was 120 nautical miles off the coast of Kota Baru, somewhere near the South China Sea.

Reject threats, violence or extremism, says Najib

January 30, 2014

The Prime Minister in his Chinese Year message calls for unity and racial harmony

KUALA LUMPUR: Najib Tun Razak has called on Malaysians to reject any form of threat, violence or act of extremism that would strain the harmonious relationship shared and enjoyed by the various races in the country.

The prime minister, in his Chinese New Year greetings, said that while people rejoiced in welcoming the Year of the Horse, the unity and racial harmony that Malaysians had enjoyed so far must be upheld.

“I believe we should all listen to the voice of reason. It is therefore incumbent upon us to act sensibly and to listen to each other’s views.

“In Malaysia’s cultural melting pot, we must respect the rules of law and proceed with sensitivity toward other people’s beliefs,” he said in a post on his blog.

He pointed out that despite the transformation advances that had been made, there was still a long way to go and much work to do.

Najib said the transformation programmes needed support from the people from all walks of life – especially so from the Chinese community who are known for their entrepreneurial skills.

He also said that there were countless initiatives being undertaken to improve the livelihood of the people, such as ongoing programmes like the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M), 1Malaysia People’s Shops (KR1M), ‘Ops Harga’ against the arbitrary raising of prices and many others to help mitigate the pinch of global inflationary forces.

He said there were also ongoing consultative meetings and discussions that were focused solely on addressing the issue of easing the people’s burden and that the efforts would go asunder without the support of the people.

“Together, we must remain resilient in the face of economic challenges to sustain stability and progress for our future generation,” he said.

Najib also expressed his appreciation for the nation-building role played by Malaysian Chinese since independence.

– Bernama

2013 SEA GAMES: Malaysia wins first gold from Wushu

By Devinder Singh

NAYPYIDAW: Diana Bong delivered Malaysia’s first gold medal of the 2013 Sea Games after winning the women’s nanquan event today.

The wushu exponent from Sarawak scored 9.70 points to edge Vietnam’s Bui Minh Phuong by 0.02. Malaysia’s Tai Cheau Xuen took bronze with 9.67.

Diana’s win is Malaysia’s 998th gold medal in the history of the Games.

Gold medalist Diana Bong Siong Lin at the Women’s Wushu Taolu Nanquan event of the 27th SEA Games 2013 held in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. — Photo by Goh Thean Howe


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Ridiculous Street Signs


9Bio and more scandals in the closet.


So, instead of correcting an obvious wrong, more public funds were piled into the project to cover it up and this decision could only have been approved by the Fourth Floor. The decision to do so was so hush-hush and the cover up so brilliantly successful that even YB Lim Kit Siang did not get a whiff of the stench emanating from Putrajaya.




Hakim Joe


Not many Malaysians have heard of 9Bio let alone know what this company is all about but what they should know is that it is a wholly government owned company that has misused, wasted and siphoned away public funds equivalent to the cost of erecting the Petronas Twin Towers.


Ninebio Sdn. Bhd. or 9Bio was launched and conceptualized by the then Minister of Health, Dr. Chua Soi Lek (aka Pornstar), in 2003 but did not receive official government sanction as a National Project until September 2006 when a budget of RM350 million under the 9th Malaysian Plan (9MP) was fast tracked and infused into the company to create an environment whereby research and development of halal vaccines will eventually lead to the mass production of such medicinal products for the Islamic world, making Malaysia the hub of halal vaccine R&D and production worldwide.


Good intentions, superb conceptual marketing, plentiful of funds to kick start the project, officially sanctioned by the Malaysian Government and ably managed by a group of medical professionals.


 What could possibly go terribly wrong?


Well, nothing because nothing substantial was achieved during the subsequent five years except for the changing of its company name from 9Bio to the Malaysian National Institute for Natural Products, Vaccines and Biologicals, signing a JV agreement with Emergent Bio Solutions Inc. of the US, getting the recognition of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) as a key center for halal vaccinations, and the tiny issue of a bill submitted by Ekovest-Faber Sdn. Bhd. (a 60%-40% JV company owned by Ekovest Berhad and Faber Group Berhad) to the Government for RM1.9 billion in their capacity as the turnkey contractor for the design, construction, completion and maintenance of the research and development facility on a 784 acre plot in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan (called the Enstek Park).

Inflation works wonders especially in this part of the world.


Apparently 9Bio started off with just one individual – Datuk Dr. Nor Shahidah Khairullah from the Malaysian Ministry of Health who was seconded from the MOH to become the pioneering CEO of 9Bio in January 2007 (with a RM 45,000 monthly salary) and nothing irregular was detected until the Jabatan Audit Negara (JAN) reported otherwise in their 2008 Auditor General’s Report, bearing similarities to the National Feedlot Center case.


In the report, the AG accounted failures, mismanagement, weaknesses, false claims and financial irregularities on the part of 9Bio’s CEO and a special MOF Tribunal was convened to investigate these findings by the Auditor General.


Part of the AG’s findings also stated, “Datuk Dr. Nor Shahidah binti Khairullah had intentionally:

(1) Transferred money from Company’s account in the form of payments to her personal Credit Card account for a totaled sum of RM108,747.60 ( USD 8,000, GBP 6,000, EURO 7,700);

(2) Transferred money from Company’s account in the form of Traveler’s Cheque under her personal name for a totaled sum of RM21,484.10;

(3) Transferred money from Company’s account in the form of Bankers Cheque under her personal name for a totaled sum of RM128,648.40; and

(4) Transferred money from Company’s account in the form of Cash via Cash Cheques for a totaled sum of RM208,979.80.”


The Auditor General also recommended that “Datuk Dr. Nor Shahidah should be found guilty for criminal breach of trust (CBT) and cheating when she purposely and intentionally siphoned Company’s money for a totaled sum of RM 467,859.90 without the approval of the board of directors.“


Dr. Shahidah did not possess carte blanche when acting on behalf of 9Bio as Dato’ Sri Dr. Mohd. Nasir (MOH Secretary-General) was the 9Bio Chairman and the board of directors included Tan Sri Dr. Ismail Merican (MOH Director-General) and Datuk Ir. Dr. M.S. Pillay (MOH Deputy DG). How was it then possible for Dr. Shahidah to give authorization (for anything to be done that is above the limitation order) without board approval unless it was actually approved by the board of directors?


One. Dr. Shahidah approved the full payment of RM 4.1 million consultation fees to Frost & Sullivan, a consultant appointed by 9Bio to prepare a working paper for the proposed manufacturing and process control of the new 9Bio facility in Nilai, even before a single piece of A4 paper was completed by the consultancy firm at the quoted price of RM 3.9 million.


Two. The appointment of Frost & Sullivan was done only after twelve months of inactivity by the CEO and the board of directors. 9Bio has failed to submit its business plan to either the MOH or MOF since its inception but company records showed that Dr. Shahidah has already collected RM540,000 in wages and has 52 days of paid leave by the first year on the job.


During the subsequent MOF Tribunal, Dr. Shahidah argued intensely that JAN had no right or executive privilege to question her alleged excessive travel expenses as it was covered by a special Research and Development grant and not by 9Bio. Dr. Shahidah also claimed that prior approval was given by the Ministry of Health’s Director General, Tan Sri Dr. Ismail Merican, for her to travel to Germany and Switzerland. When questioned as to why she was accompanied by a (male) consultant from a different company (Mr. Julian Ding of First Principles Sdn Bhd) on the trip, Dr. Shahidah stated that she needed the consultant for matters relating to a special project negotiation with Emergent Bio Solutions Inc.


When questioned further as to the reasons why she had 9Bio pay for

the consultant’s travel expenses when the 9Bio is already paying First Principles RM1.2 million in consultation fees, Dr. Shahidah finally admitted that she had personally approved it without prior obtaining authorization from the 9Bio Board of Directors.


Datuk Dr. Nor Shahidah was subsequently terminated as the CEO of 9Bio and a police report was made with the PDRM and yet another report with the ACA. When Dr. Shahidah was sacked from 9Bio in May 2008, thirty other 9Bio staff resigned voluntarily from the company and (coincidentally) joined Ekovest-Faber.


One question why Dr. Shahidah, a relatively unknown researcher/doctor from the MOH, was specially selected from a group of better qualified and far more experienced candidates to head 9Bio and how she could have accomplished the things (as reported in the 2008 Auditor General’s Report) she attempted within sixteen months as the CEO of 9Bio. Additionally, why was the Director General of the Ministry of Health (Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Hj. Mohd. Ismail Merican), the Deputy DG (Datuk Ir. Dr. Mukundan Sugunan Pillay), and the Secretary General (KSU) of the MOH (Dato’ Sri Dr. Hj. Mohd. Nasir Bin Mohd. Ashraf), as the controlling officer, all protecting and covering up for her?


After the departure of Dr. Shahidah from 9Bio, the MOF decided to take control of the project (from the MOH) and appointed Prof. Dr. Mohd. Azmi Mohd. Lila to become the new CEO of 9Bio. Datuk Ir. Dr. M.S. Pillay was then appointed as the Chairman of 9Bio after retiring from the MOH, the first non-medical (engineer) individual to rise to the number two post in the MOH.


What influence and control did Dr. Shahidah hold over the three men, even to the extent that Tan Sri Dr. Ismail Merican reappointed her as a consultant to the MOH to supervise 9Bio’s purchase of specialized medical manufacturing equipment, irrespective of the on-going PDRM and ACA investigations and regardless of the damning report by the Auditor-General, and for Dato’ Sri Dr. Mohd. Nasir (9Bio’s Chairman) and Datuk Ir. Dr. M.S. Pillay (9Bio’s Executive Director) to agree to this appointment?


It was during this transitional period that Ekovest-Faber hit the MOF

with the RM1.9 billion bill. Included with the invoices were six Variation Orders (VO) approved by Dr. Shahidah. So, instead of attempting to determine the basis for the super-duper inflated cost to build the 9Bio facility, the government decided to sweep it all under the proverbial carpet and pay the asking price instead. What’s a couple of billion between friends anyway? Additionally the MOH was just slowly only recovering from its Minister’s admittance of being a porn superstar and the federal elections being around the corner did not help either.


The Abdullah government was also concerned by the upcoming PKFTZ scandal in which quite a few Tun(s) were involved and how the accumulation of these losses of public funds could be detrimental to his government seeking another 5-year mandate from the people.


So, instead of correcting an obvious wrong, more public funds were piled into the project to cover it up and this decision could only have been approved by the Fourth Floor. The decision to do so was so hush-hush and the cover up so brilliantly successful that even YBLim Kit Siang did not get a whiff of the stench emanating from Putrajaya.


Another thing that was not reported in the AG Report was that when Dato’ Sri Dr. Mohd. Nasir became the 9Bio chairman, one of the first things he did was to approve the rental for temporary office space at Metropolitan Square in Damansara Perdana until the 9Bio facilities in Nilai were completed. It was then reported that 9Bio’s rental (for two floors) amounted to RM61,193 a month and that another RM 2 million were spent renovating it (renovation contract awarded to Environ Ventures Sdn. Bhd. by Hotel Ninety Six from Melaka). Hotel Ninety Six?


Questions remained unanswered and to this day, Dr. Shahidah remains free as both PDRM and MACC has yet to complete their respective investigations. Could the Gang of Four somehow have managed to get away with it?

“No matter how noble the objectives of a government, if it blurs decency and kindness, cheapens human life and breeds ill will and suspicion – it is an evil government”.                                      

                                                         – Eric Hoffer,


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