Zzzzzz… sleeping beauties give cops a bad name
FMT Reporters | March 11, 2015

The duo are awaiting disciplinary action from their superior and have been transferred to another department.

GEORGE TOWN: Two policemen, who were caught sleeping in the Mak Mandin police community beat base, were immediately transferred to another department pending disciplinary action.
Penang CPO, Senior Deputy Commissioner (SDC) Abdul Rahim Hanafi ordered an internal investigation into the embarrassing incident as a photograph of the two sleeping police personnel went viral rapidly yesterday.
The duo was transferred immediately to the district police control room at north Seberang Perai (SPU) where they will work until suitable disciplinary action is taken.
The no-nonsense DCM Abdul Rahim, who said he would not compromise on disciplinary problems among police staff, added, “Such matters are serious and we will take appropriate and stern action on them.”